Le 20/10/2013 dans DevBlog

CyanogenMod 10.1 on Galaxy S3, no "install zip from sdcard"?

CyanogenMod 10.1 stable is finally available on Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300), I’ve been waiting it for ages so I was pretty exited to install it and root my dumb vendor locked device (you know, with all the crappy applications you can’t uninstall, the laggy splash screen…).

The installation process is described on the official wiki, and can be done from Mac, Windows or Linux – in theory.

The facts are I’ve been forced to use Windows to send ClockworkMod successfully (as a libusb error was thrown on Ubuntu 12.04 and the compilation was not so easy), and an external micro SD card as I did not manage to get adb to work anymore after some factory reset…

The ideal process is as follow:

  • Download everything, put Cyanogen’s zip on a SD card
  • Backup your personnal datas (videos & photos, notes…)
  • Load ClockworkMod to the device
  • Use the backup option in the recovery mode
  • Install the zip(s) from the SD card

What about the “install zip from sdcard” option then?

I made this blog post about this error because I want you to not get stuck with it like I did.
The wiki ask you to “Select choose zip from sdcard.”, if you do not see this option, something went wrong.

In fact, this option is added by ClockworkMod, and the funny thing is that if you miss the recovery boot combinasion once before the full install is done, ClockworkMod get erased!

All you have to do is re-install it ☺.

Support is great, as you can see here, only the TV-Out is broken. It’s like having a new phone, fast and beautiful.